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TTB Reporting Software


Orchestrated™SPIRITS has full Business Reporting and TTB Reporting. With integrated  distillery specific reports and analysis tools, you have the flexibility to access relevant information necessary to make decisions and run your business.

TTB Reports are built directly into the software application. Generate monthly reports with the real-time information that is automatically accumulated as you manage your production processes.

OrchestratedSPIRITS - TTB Reporting

Reporting Features

  • TTB Reporting
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Workflow-based Alerts
  • Search Assistance
  • Built-in Analysis Tool
  • Distillery Specific Reports
  • Drag & Relate Feature
  • Drill Down Feature

Distilled Spirits TTB FAQs

No. Unlike other distillery management software solutions out there, OrchestratedSPIRITS generates your TTB BRO and Excise Tax reports automatically once you define a date range.
As you go about your daily production duties, you’re adding data into the system which automatically populates the database for future reporting. When it’s time to report, you simply define the dates and the distillery production location you want to report on and the report is instantly generated.
Other distillery software systems with built-in TTB tools still require a lot of manual entry that’s not as automated as you would expect. Some systems still require you to enter beginning inventory balances for individual items, and you’re having to go gather that data and fill it out. OrchestratedSPIRITS prepares that data for you automatically as you perform your daily activities.
OrchestratedSPIRITS’ TTB reporting features is Excel-based so the user interface is familiar to a majority of users. Every field in the BRO form is associated with a query with built-in features that allow you to drill down into each line item. You can even print it out to see what the numbers are and see the transactions associated with those numbers. OrchestratedSPIRITS accomplishes a 6-8 hour task in a manner of minutes.