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Help & Support

We have a variety of support options that cater to the specific needs of our customers. When you sign up for OnDemand, you’ll receive an on boarding email with your login credentials and what to do next to begin your implementation. It also includes a reference guide for all the available support options listed below to help in your time of need.

Orchestrated Forum & Knowledge Base (Included)

We have our own customer forum! It’s kind of like a cool underground club for exclusive members of the craft world. It’s the best place to start for any Orchestrated related question. It’s a site used by many OBeer & OSpirits customers to find answers, help each other out, and review answers to questions other OBeer & OSpirits users have already asked. It’s very common that another distiller or brewery has had the same question as you, and that the answer is already on the forum. We often include videos to answer to common questions, so it’s a great place to get your question answered quickly.

OSpirits E-learning  (Included in Knowledge Base)

The OrchestratedSPIRITS Knowledge base also includes hundreds of training videos for learning a new feature or brushing up your skills on an existing feature – you get unlimited access to this resource. New videos are created regularly or are created as part of an answer on the Orchestrated Forum.

Support Tickets & Help Desk (Included)

If your question/issue contains sensitive, company specific, or financial information; or for Password re-set or connectivity issues, you should log a Support Ticket.

When you create a Support Ticket in the Help desk, you’ll receive a confirmation email which includes a Ticket #.¬† If you want to update a specific ticket, you can reply to the email that references that ticket # or log in to the Help desk and update the ticket.