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Orchestrated Release Notes:

  • Auto-Select All

“Auto-Select All” is functionality developed to help in the batch selection process by selecting the oldest batch in the system automatically for the user on any form that requires batch selection.

  • Orchestrated Reports

With the improved Orchestrated Reports functionality, new reports and report updates can be delivered faster and more frequent with the convenience no down time!

  • Batch Backtrace Reinvented

Batch Backtrace has been completely overhauled to be faster, more accurate, and… it’s now in a browser

  • Pre-defined Case Flow Grouping

Cash flow grouping has been preloaded to assist in assigning the appropriate Cash Flow groups. In addition, custom groupings can be defined and associated to the GL accounts for expanded flexibility.

  • Interface Templates & Mapping are now in OBeer

Get tired of resetting your templates after an update? Now you don’t have to, we now save all the settings you have in your interfaces into the system where they are kept safe and backed up regularly.

  • Dynamic Menu Building

Dynamic Menu Building is behind the scenes functionality that will allow deploying of new utilities, interfaces and web applications quickly and easily

  • Metric Support

Hectoliters!? Yes, they are now supported in this release of OrchestratedBEER.

  • Available-to-Promise Improvements

The ATP field on documents we have all come to enjoy has gotten an update to make it faster and smarter. Now looking at location and taking multiple factors into consideration, this feature been dramatically improved. In addition, we’ve increased the refresh frequency of this function

  • Licensing Improvements

With Orchestrated 4.1, compatibility for running both OrchestratedBEER & OrchestratedSPIRITS in a single environment has been introduced. Controlled through a sophisticated licensing mechanism, a brewery can run both products simultaneously or choose to just run one or the other based on user

  • OrchestratedBEER is now 64-bit Compliant

Having an eye to the future, OrchestratedBEER is now 64-bit compliant

  • SAP 9.1 Support

Lots of new features and stability improvements are included with every release of SAP. This is the engine of the car. With the release of Orchestrated 4.1, the latest version of the underlying platform is now supported

New Reports

  • New Finance Reports
    • Quick Profit & Loss- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Profit & Loss vs Budget- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Balance Sheet- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Balance Sheet vs Budget- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Trail Balance- New simple & familiar layout
    • Quick Working Trail Balance- New simple & familiar layout
    • Statement of Cash Flow- The link between the lance sheet & profit and loss
    • Charts of Accounts List- Snapshot of all accounts in a simple list
    • Financial Overview Dashboard with As-Of- Includes ‘as-of’ reporting and expanded KPIs.
  • Updated Finance Reports The following reports, have had a complete makeover under the hood. All financials have been revamped with the following improvements:
    • Includes flags for adjusting journal entries
    • Includes flags for closing journal entries
    • Sort order now matches SAP
    • Account display order has now been included (1-4)
    • Underlying SQL speed has been dramatically improved
      • Balance Sheet
      • Balance Sheet vs Budget
      • Profit & Loss
      • Profit & Loss vs Budget
      • Trial Balance
      • Working Trail Balance

Sales Reports

  • New Sales Reports
    • Quick Item Sales Analysis
    • Quick Customer Sales Analysis
    • Open Order ATP

Purchasing Reports

  • New Purchasing Reports
    • AP Price Trend Analysis
    • AP Open PO expedite list

Business Partner Reports

  • New Business Partner Reports
    • Business Partner Mail Merge Report (Christmas Card List)

Banking Reports

  • New Banking Reports
    • Bank Reconciliation

Inventory Reports

  • New Inventory Reports
    • Inventory Activity Summary

Reports Improvements

  • Production Cost Analysis – Now takes disassembly production orders into account. SQL has been improved for greater speed.
  • Production Cost Analysis by Item – Now takes disassembly production orders into account. SQL has been improved for greater speed.
  • Production Yield Summary – Add order by Brand or MPN
  • Production Order Status by MPN – Add order by Brand or MPN. Fix for drill down only launching PdO 1000
  • Daily Production Activities – Added parameter to show/hide disassembly PdOs
  • Goals Detail by Business Partner – Fix for cancelled documents
  • BoM Trace – Added logic for “null” process types
  • Packaging Efficiency – Fix for drill down only launching PdO 1000
  • Delivery Layout – Batch number is now included at for each row
  • Customer Sales Analysis – All states show the same delta % is now fixed
  • Item Production Activity Summary – Blended item volume was not being consumed
  • Component Cost Analysis – Divide by 0 error resolved
  • Open Sales Orders & Returns
    • $ to accounting format
    • Cleaned up parameters and added titles and separators
    • changed group by to customer name+Code (from code) so list sorts in ABC order
    • Added option for “compact summary” version. (less than 1/2 the length of current version)
  • Future Inventory Status Analysis – Fixes for sales returns
  • Taxable Shipments by State – Added fix for logos to speed up processing, page break fixes.
  • Cash Flow Forecast Analysis Tool

Want to know if you can make payroll next week? Just need a quick glimpse into how you are pay Briess in a couple weeks? The Cash Flow Forecast analysis tool can help you see your in’s and out’s of cash at a glance

Optional Modules

  • Advance Analytics
    • Sales Cube- Want to analyze rates of sales? Export sales into and create your own secret spreadsheets? The Sales module as part of Advanced Analytics assists in answering those questions and more.
    • Purchasing Cube- Trying to figure out how to cut costs? Want to stretch that almighty purchasing dollar? The Purchasing cube available in Advanced Analytics can help answer those questions
    • Production Cube- What is the long term yield of IPA? How much malt has gone into batch 103? Common questions that production managers across all levels ask. The Production module focuses on answering these questions and more.
    • Finance Cube- Detailed financial analysis information at your fingertips. The next generation in advanced analytics gives the user sophisticated data analysis wrapped up in a familiar Excel environment. The financial cube focuses on Profit & Loss as well as Balance Sheet data down to the journal entry.
  • Interfaces now included (POS, Payroll. Exense, Payables, Fintech)
  • GL Determination Utility- A simple tool used to assist in the maintenance of GL determinations for items, item groups, and warehouses.
  • Price List Management Utility-Radically upgraded with sync-on-start, the ability to create new price lists and attach price lists to business partners, this already powerful tool just got better!
  • ShipCompliant Integration Improvements-Want to save time processing your excise taxes? The ShipCompliant integration is the way to go! Sales invoices and credits are sent instantly to ShipCompliant where with a couple of mouse clicks your excise taxes are ready to go!Improvements in this release include:
    • Easier to use flags on business partners, brands, items for what you want to send to ShipCompliant
    • Better error handling
    • A nice web interface to see what has/has not been transmitted and the results
    • The ability to export your business partner master data to import into ShipCompliant
    • Resubmit document capability!
  • Stability Improvements
    • Brewsheet: “Show Status: Brew Sheet” field is not prepopulated causing an error
    • Brewsheet: Errors if too many records are displayed
    • Brewsheet: Invalid Query Tree error
    • Brewsheet: Displays wrong PdO sort order when same time is on every brew
    • Brewsheet: Brew Progress tab does not work
    • Brewsheet: Recipe Adjustment label & button stays where it belongs
    • Cellar worksheet: displays a number instead of the name of the user
    • Cellar worksheet: is incredibly slow under certain conditions
    • Cellar worksheet: FermQC Header Data is not visible when re-entering the document
    • Blending: Items not created by default
    • Blending: Default BoMs not created under certain circumstances
    • Express Production fails if items contain special characters
    • PdO Close Wizard Batch number pulls from Brew Number in PdO
    • Resizing issues with the Warehouse Assignment Wizard
    • Scheduler does not filter by location
    • PdO Creation Wizard fails with SAP 9.1 & SQL 2012
    • PdO Creation Wizard packaging production orders are not created properly
    • Location field does not display on the User
    • Warehouse selection locks user in Build Production Run
    • Master Production Assignment focus bug fixes
    • Master Production Assignment does not allow entering a number first
    • Master Production Assignment locks user under certain conditions
    • TTB Proprietorship is now labeled properly
    • TTB Forms: Proprietorship and Groups not created
    • System crashing if no “Show Status” is enabled
    • Blending: Enabling branches causes blending to fail

** Shared Release with OrchestratedBEER