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  • CEO Dashboard
  • Financial reports enhancements
  • Visual dashboard reporting
  • Intuitive Excel based interface
  • Pivot tables
  • Financial, Sales, Purchasing and Production Cubs
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Advanced Analytics

The OrchestratedSPIRITS Advanced Analytics Module provides multiple views of your data. This module provides an Excel-based user interface to create pivot tables that “slice and dice” your data however you want. Quickly analyze your data and generate custom Excel-based reports utilizing a variety of informational cubes.


  • Tank storage location definition
  • Warehouse location definition
  • Location specific production management
  • Multi-location transfers
  • User specific location defaults
  • Master cellar code
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Multi-Location Production

The OrchestratedSPIRITS Multi-location production module allows companies with multiple production facilities to segregate production activities but bring them together for later reporting purposes. This allows you to create production orders for a specific production location. The module eliminates the need to store production and financials in separate databases and reduces user error when planning for a specific production location.



  • Perform Inventory Counts
  • Receive Raw Materials
  • Ship Spirits
  • Automated Batch Selection
  • Perform inventory counts at batch & warehouse level

Mobile Inventory Counting

The OrchestratedSPIRITS Inventory iPad app is designed to facilitate common inventory tasks and functions in a distillery utilizing an iPad. Receive raw materials, perform live inventory counts, ship items and print off bill of ladings right from the dock without ever touching another clipboard or being tied to a computer. Available for OnDemand & Enterprise.


  • View sales history
  • View account info & balances
  • View statements
  • View order status
  • Create sales quotes & orders
  • Integrates to OrchestratedSPIRITS
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Customer Web Portal

The Customer Web Portal allows your customers to place orders and manage account information from an online web portal to eliminate manual order entries.

Simplify the ordering process with customer-generated sales quotes and orders. Allow your customers to view sales history, account balances, statements, quotes, order status and more.