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Distillery Software Features

Distillery Accounting

Distillery accounting software

Orchestrated™SPIRITS has full distillery Accounting functionality that eliminates the need for bookkeeping software. Spend less time keeping track of costs and more time analyzing profits. Know what your spirits are actually costing you by style and SKU.

Orchestrated™SPIRITS  automates journal entries as each process occurs to provide instantaneous financial views of your business. As production, purchasing, and sales occur, Orchestrated™SPIRITS  automatically creates system generated journal entries behind the scenes to account for financial changes in your business. Run a balance sheet at anytime during the day to see how your money is sitting on your distillery floor. Run a profit and loss statement to see true bottom line profits at anytime and for any date range. See gross profits by each invoice and line item of the invoice to ensure true profitability.


Distillery Inventory

Distillery inventory software icon

Orchestrated™SPIRITS’ Inventory Management functionality means no more convoluted, multiple tab spreadsheets. Spend less time counting inventory and more time analyzing inventory trends. View real-time and future inventory stock levels for each inventory item.

Orchestrated™SPIRITS  automates inventory postings as each process occurs to provide real-time inventory stock levels. As you receive, produce or sell, Orchestrated™SPIRITS automatically decrements or increments inventory behind the scenes to make inventory tracking nearly effortless.


Distillery Production

OrchestratedSPIRITS distillery Production & Packaging software icon

Orchestrated™SPIRITS distillery-specific Production Management functionality eliminates the need to keep track manually. Spend less time recording production records and more time planning production. Manage recipes and production processes for each style.

Orchestrated™SPIRITS  streamlines production process by managing the different processes of each style of spirits. Use the Orchestrated™SPIRITS  Cook Sheet, Still house Worksheet and Packaging Worksheet to execute production orders that have been planned and scheduled ahead of time.


Distillery Purchasing & Receiving

OrchestratedSPIRITS distillery Purchasing software icon

Orchestrated™SPIRITS’ Purchasing and Receiving capabilities keep raw materials inventory up-to-date so you can anticipate purchasing needs. Spend less time worrying about what you are going to run out of and more time planning for what you need to purchase in the future to meet demand. Manage all purchases and contract agreements with various purchasing lead times, order intervals and order multiples.

Orchestrated™SPIRITS optimizes purchasing by providing purchasing management capabilities to ensure that you always have enough ingredients available. Create a purchase order and automatically show the production department that raw materials are on order with an expected delivery date. Receive purchase orders with goods receipt POs to bring raw materials into stock and make it available for production. Anticipate purchasing needs by knowing how much raw materials are required and when you need it to keep up with demands using the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) capabilities.


Distillery Sales & Fulfillment

OBeer Sales & Fulfillment Icon

Orchestrated™SPIRITS’ full Sales Management capabilities is designed to do away with dual entry. Spend less time matching up orders and more time selling your spirits. Run multiple sales reports to see sales by dollars, volume and units; which can be categorized by customer, state, styles and more. View gross margin by order or SKU with every invoice in real time to know your true profitability.


Distillery Planning & Scheduling

distillery Planning & Scheduling icon

Orchestrated™SPIRITS’ Production Planning and Scheduling functionality means you can say goodbye to whiteboards and multi-tab spreadsheets. Spend less time updating spreadsheets and more time optimizing production schedules. Streamline production schedules by dragging and dropping production orders on a calendar or for a specific tank. Plan for future demands by considering lead times and scheduling each step in the production process to ensure that you never run out of spirits.

The Orchestrated™SPIRITS Production Scheduler allows users to visualize and schedule production on a built-in digital calendar.


Distillery Reporting & TTB

TTB reporting for distilled spirits icon

Orchestrated™SPIRITS  has full distillery specific reporting and TTB reporting that eliminates the need to calculate numbers after the fact. Spend less time crunching numbers and more time viewing reliable information. Generate the TTB reports with the click of the button. Run the Taxable Shipment Details by State report to see what spirits were sold in which states and to what customers by dollars, units, barrels, gallons or liters to get the necessary information to file state tax reports.


Distillery Interfaces


Interfaces bridge the gap between OSpirits and other third party applications like Payroll and POS