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Distillery Sales & Fulfillment


Orchestrated™SPIRITS’ distillery sales order fulfillment is designed to do away with dual entry. Spend less time matching up orders and more time selling spirits. Run multiple sales reports to see sales by dollars, volume and units; which can be categorized by customer, state, styles and more. View gross margin by order or SKU with every invoice in real time to know your true profitability.

Orchestrated™SPIRITS makes sales and fulfillment processes more efficient by creating both inventory and accounting transactions, automatically and in real-time. As orders are fulfilled, inventory quantities are automatically decremented and customer account balances are simultaneously incremented. Use the Available-To-Promise (ATP) feature to see when inventory will be available so you can make better promises.

OrchestratedSPIRITS - Sales & Fulfillment 2

Sales & Fulfillment Features

  • Sales orders
  • A/R invoice & reserve invoice
  • Customer based pricing
  • Document generation wizard
  • Pick & pack management
  • Delivery notes (BOL)
  • A/R credit memo
  • Document drafts
  • Document printing
  • Account Mgmt (for self dist.)