Life, whiskey, and taxes. Taxation on spirits production will always be a part of doing business whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, our beloved craft spirits falls under a specific category of taxation and stringent government regulation.

You can equate TTB reports to simple checkups, or outright pulling of teeth, depending on the amount of time and effort you spend gathering data to complete the forms. The only variable you can control is the time and effort spent gathering data by putting systems in place to make things easier.

If you’re like most distilleries, you keep cook sheet data and information in a spreadsheet or binder. Once a month (or quarter) you have to go back and gather data from the production department, then find out how much was sold. Things get even more tedious when determining how much was transferred or sold.

Gary Godfrey, our Director of Technology and seasoned implementation consultant, has spent weeks on site with several Orchestrated customers in the past and the feedback regarding TTB reporting shares a common theme of frustration. He took his experience with the headaches of beer TTB and multiplied by 5 to get an understanding of what distilleries face.

The hours spent manually gathering data for the reports may vary by distillers, but according to Gary’s experience a distiller will spend an average of 6-8 hours, usually spread over a few days.

The OSpirits reports and development team also spent a significant amount of time configuring and improving OrchestratedSPIRITS’ reporting feature to help eliminate the time consuming process of filling out TTB reports. The software’s reporting tools alone are worth the investment because of the time and energy saved by eliminating the process of data gathering and dual entry

“One of the biggest advantages of our TTB reporting tool that people may not realize is that as they go about their daily production duties, they’re adding data into the system which automatically populates the database for future reporting. When it’s time to report, they simply define the dates and specify their production location and the report is instantly generated.”

How OSpirits TTB reporting software works:

When you sell spirits, or transfer inventory from a warehouse to the tasting room, it’s reporting that data automatically. Your distiller’s daily activities are creating the transactions and storing all the data in the system that the TTB report uses. You can even drill down right from the report to see what the numbers are and see the transactions associated with those numbers. OrchestratedSPIRITS accomplishes a 6-8 hour task in a manner of minutes.

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