Comparing Distillery Management Software

Selecting the best for your distillery

//Comparing Distillery Management Software

New distillery management software solutions are popping up every year promising to be affordable, easy to use, and integrate with your current bookkeeping software.

Here are 4 things to consider when comparing distillery management software solutions and selecting the best for your distillery.

1.     Built on a solid accounting foundation

OrchestratedSPIRITS- Foundation spoke diagram (2)

The best overall advice we can offer when it comes to comparing distillery management software is to avoid anything that integrates with generic bookkeeping software. Why? As great as generic bookkeeping solutions may be for selling widgets and t-shirts, they’re not designed to handle the complexities of batch manufacturing. QuickBooks for distilleries: good or bad?

A weak accounting foundation is among the most common reasons distilleries jump around between distillery software solutions looking for something that works. When accounting is not built into the solution, it becomes a hodge-podge of “disparate systems”.

Ask yourself: “Is this solution really advancing my business?” If the solution simply adds a distilling component to your existing bookkeeping software, it’s probably not solving the root problem.

2.   Comparing distillery management software – Apples to Apples

OSpirits Product Comparision
Don’t assume all distillery management software solutions are the same. They aren’t a commodity, which is why pricing varies so much between companies. Some solutions claim to sync with your current bookkeeping software while others are simply production tools to track inventory. Whatever it is, make sure the distillery software you select includes the following:

  • Centralized all-in-one system
  • Cost accounting capabilities
  • Variance-level production management
  • Forward-looking inventory capabilities
  • Planning & scheduling capabilities
  • Automated Accounting & Inventory transactions
  • Automated Monthly & Quarterly TTB reports
  • Customized reporting engine capabilities

Always keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The cheapest isn’t always the best.

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3.   In-house Development & Support

In-house development

Many over look outsourcing as one of those lesser important factors until you actually need help. It’s important for your distillery to interact with someone who knows your system, can quickly identify the problem and provide a solution. Be sure to compare the following:

  • Support availability (hours of operations, average response time,
  • The size of the support staff
  • Development & Support in-house or outsourced?

OSPIRITS’ Support Methodology: 98.41% all-time customer support satisfaction rate

4.  Company Experience

Orchestra Software Office

We’re not a bunch of rocket scientists, but we aren’t just 2 dudes coding in a garage either. It takes multiple departments, and a thorough understanding of distillery business best practices to support the operations of a community of users. Business management software is mission critical software that you will be depending on to run your distillery every day. You are not just purchasing an app on your phone for 99 cents.  Our in-house team is dedicated to helping distilleries run better and use OSpirits to its fullest extent.

When comparing distillery management software, make sure the company you chose isn’t an offshoot of some larger corporation looking to hitch their wagon to the artisan spirits cash cow, or as mentioned earlier, a couple dudes developing, selling and supporting a home-built solution out of their garage.  Find out the following:

  • How long has the company been around?
  • Is the company publicly or privately owned?
  • How many employees are dedicated to supporting your distillery?
  • What other industries is the company involved in?

Answering these questions during your search will help you when comparing distillery  management software solutions and make the best choice for your distillery.

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