In previous posts we introduced you to the daily lives of Penny the distillery accountant and Dan the Distiller. This segment focuses on the life of the distillery inventory manager through the eyes of Peter. Peter’s story embodies the distillery inventory persona and the constraints encountered due to multiple systems. Even the best system of spreadsheets have to be constantly updated manually to reflect activities in production.

Meet Peter

Peter the Brewery Inventory MgrPeter is the Inventory Mgr at Bill’s Distillery. As the keeper of the distillery’s inventory spreadsheets, Peter’s responsible for a lot of moving parts in the distillery and works closely with Dan, the distiller.Peter

Peter uses a variety of tools like spreadsheets, web apps and hand-written notes to keep track of the materials coming in and going out. He also relies heavily on data from other departments, including Dan’s weekly cook logs.

Dan is a rock star in the cook house, but he often doesn’t record what he uses for their “Smooth Ish” Whiskey that has become so popular. Peter has to track him down in order to keep his spreadsheets up to date.

“Hey Dan, how much malt did you use last week?”

“50 pounds… I think”

Human errorPeter inputs Dan’s data into his spreadsheets but the numbers don’t line up. Peter knows that when you want a job done right you just have to do it yourself. So Peter begins to hand count the remaining inventory to get what he needs for his spreadsheets. As soon as Peter finished updating his records, he gets an email from Dan with a completely new set of data. Peter tries to make the necessary adjustments, but somehow the numbers still didn’t line up!

Peter’s breaking point

Peter takes his frustrations to Bill the distillery owner. Peter says that he couldn’t do his job with their current inefficient processes and that Dan needed better tools to communicate what’s happening in production and what materials are being consumed.

The Distillery Problem Explained

After hearing Peter’s story, Bill dives into researching distillery production systems. Sometime later he meetsPeter 2 with Peter to share his findings. Turns out that “the problem” wasn’t an isolated issue for any one person or department, or even a distillery production software problem. The problem occurred across every department in the distillery. “The problem” was the inability to connect the dots between the various spreadsheets, bookkeeping software, web apps, proprietary knowledge, and handwritten notes. It was the same problem Penny and Dan were experiencing.

Accurate, forward-looking distillery inventory with OSpirits

Peter 3Bill explains that Peter’s entire inventory cycle could be managed in one system, from purchasing & receiving, to sales and shipments and everything in between.

Not only can Peter be rest assured knowing that all his inventory levels were accurate and in real time, but he can also get better forward-looking inventory insights based off of planned production schedules and order commitments at a future date.

It was all possible thanks to a new core foundation built on OSpirits. Watch Peter’s story come to life.

Watch Peter’s Story
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