A Day in the Life of a Distillery Owner

The struggles of Bill the Distillery Owner and how OSpirits turned it all around

//A Day in the Life of a Distillery Owner

In previous posts we introduced you to the daily lives of Penny the distillery accountant, Dan the distiller, Sal the Sales Guy and Peter the Inventory Mgr.  This segment focuses on the life of the distillery owner through the eyes of Bill. Bill’s story embodies the distillery owner persona and the constraints encountered due to multiple systems and inefficient processes.

As the industry grows so does the competition. Quality spirits are the tickets to the show, but keeping those spirits on the shelf, production streamlined and financials in control are just as important. Bill’s Distillery knew how to make the “Smooth Ish” but struggled to connect the dots between their multiple distillery tools and systems. Bill changed all that with OrchestratedSPIRITS. This is Bill’s story

Meet Bill

Meet Bill the brewery owner

A passion for whiskey and an entrepreneurial spirit, Bill decided to start his own craft distillery. Bill crafted a solid business plan, presented it to the bank and got approved for a loan.

Bill understood the long-term consequences of settling for cheaper alternatives throughout the distillery, so he invested in a prime building location, hired the best talent, and bought top of the line distilling equipment.

The Distillery Comes Undone

Bill’s gleaming distillery was soon up and running with the best equipment money
Bill Running out of Spiritscould buy and word traveled quickly that Bill’s distillery was putting out some kick-ass spirits. Bill’s distiller, Dan, quickly made a name for himself and that “Smooth Ish” whiskey.  Dan’s bottled magic was flying off the shelves.  The distillery was making spirits as fast as they could but couldn’t manage to keep up with demand as raw material shortages occurred, invoices went missing and inventory counts were out of date.

As production ramped up, Bill’s distillery began to unravel. Bill’s convoluted arrangement of bookkeeping software, hand written notes, web apps, spreadsheets, and proprietary knowledge was beginning to take its toll on his employees, customers and consumers. Though his consumers remained loyal, his customers grew impatient with Bill’s inconsistent output and unfulfilled promises. Bill knew the business was about to come undone. Bill needed help, fast.

The Light Bulb

lightbulb billAfter some research, Bill came to the conclusion that “The problem” wasn’t an isolated issue with any one person or department. “The problem” was actually a distillery-wide issue.The Brewery Problem An inability to connect the dots between the spreadsheets, bookkeeping software, web apps, proprietary knowledge and hand-written notes was causing delays and frustrations across EVERY department.

Then Bill discovered OrchestratedSPIRITS, the all-in-one distillery management solution. After some initial research, Bill learned that the best run distilleries used OSpirits . With over 200 craft beverage companies and 1000 daily users, Bill knew he had to take a look at OSpirits. Bill called up a few of his distillery friends and found out that OrchestratedSPIRITS actually solved the challenges that distilleries like him had.

All-in-One Distillery Management Software

With OSpirits  in place, Bill’s Distillery is now centralized. From accounting in the back office to production on the distillery floor. Now Bill knows where the cash is sitting on the distillery floor at any time. No more guess work or frustrated employees unable to do their jobs because of mismatching records and disconnected systems.

With real-time inventory posting, automatic journal entries, a drag & drop production scheduling and sales processes all speaking the same language, Bill’s Distillery was able to meet current demands and anticipate future demands.

Bill has a new foundation built on OrchestratedSPIRITS.

Watch Bill’s story come to life

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