A Day in the Life of a Distillery Accountant

The struggles of Penny the Distillery Accountant and how OrchestratedSPIRITS turned it all around

//A Day in the Life of a Distillery Accountant

In Part 1 of our “Day in the Life” series, we provided a glimpse into Dan’s use of OSpirits software from the distiller’s perspective. This segment focuses on the life of the distillery accountant through the eyes of Penny. Penny’s story embodies the distillery accountant persona and the constraints they encounter due to multiple systems. Even the most experienced distillery accountant will see things slip through the cracks without the right systems in place.

Meet Penny- The Distillery Accountant 

Meet Penny. As the accounting guru and keeper of the cash for Bill’s Distillery, Penny oversees all distillery accounting activities, even ordering materials. Given her complex responsibilities, Penny relies on a convoluted system of hand-written notes, bookkeeping software and spreadsheets to keep everything in order.

When Sal the Sales Guy drops off his weekly sales orders for Penny, things get dicey. With a desk stacked high with papers, Penny embarks on her tedious endeavor to manually input all Sal’s data.

The Call

As Penny is finishing her data entry, she gets a call from a customer asking about a missing invoice. As Penny scours her spreadsheets, bookkeeping software Sal and Penny
and notes, she soon realizes that Sal probably didn’t create the order.

After a quick visit with Sal netted no results, Penny voices her frustrations with Bill, the distillery owner.

Penny says the inefficient systems in Sales are preventing her from doing her job. If she is going to keep the distillery accounting in check she needs better systems in place.

The Distillery Problem Explained

After hearing Penny’s story, Bill dives into researching distillery accounting systems. Sometime later he meets with Penny to share his findings. Turns out that “the problem” wasn’t an isolated issue for any one person or department, or even a distillery accounting software problem. The problem occurred across every department in the distillery. “The problem” was the inability to connect the dots between the various spreadsheets, bookkeeping software, web apps, proprietary knowledge, and handwritten notes.

The New Normal with Distillery Software 

Bill explains that with OrchestratedSPIRITS all-in-one distillery management software, real-time sales, accounting, production and inventory numbers are tied together in a centralized place. This allows accurate, timely information to flow freely between departments, automating much of the tedious manual entry Penny spends her time on.

Customer Web PortalWith OSpirits, Penny would now automatically receive Sal’s order from the Mobile Sales App rather than hand-written notes on the back of napkins and recycled paper. Customers and distributors could place their own orders, and view reports on The OSpirits Customer Web Portal.

The entire sales process from Order, Shipments to Invoices would be managed in the same place to prevent discrepancies. No more missing invoices, Sales Processawkward conversations with customers, or things slipping through the cracks because the multiple systems didn’t talk to each other.

Head over to distillery accounting feature page for a more in-depth look at all the other accounting & finance features Penny and her colleagues utilize to eliminate the dual entry and automate the distillery’s accounting processes.