A Day in the Life of a Distiller

The struggles of Dan the Distiller and how OrchestratedSPIRITS turned it all around

//A Day in the Life of a Distiller

Distilleries big and small face the same problems, just on different scales. Like most growing distilleries, Bill’s distillery was feeling the strain of managing disparate distillery management systems. We’ll take you inside “A Day in the Life of a Distiller” to illustrate Dan’s frustrations with these multiple systems and how OSpirits turned it all around.

Meet Dan

Distillery Software - Dan the DistillerAs the distiller at Bill’s Distillery, Dan is living the dream. A maestro of malt– Dan is the Jedi master known for crafting “the smoothest whiskey this side of the Mississippi…” So good in fact that Dan’s spirits has earned the street name “Smooth Ish.”

Like most prominent distillers, Dan doesn’t consistently note what he takes from inventory because his spirits sell faster than he can make it.  No one worries when Dan’s in the zone. It’s all proprietary knowledge managed in his head.

During his latest supermarket sweep for ingredients, Dan notices potential material shortages and tells Penny the accountant she should probably order more. Penny takes note of the request while Dan heads back to the still house to make the magic happen.

Unfortunately, the lack of accountability amidst Dan’s latest escapade leaves other departments wondering what’s left, what needs replenishing and how to account for it all once the dust settles.

The day the distillery stood still

A week later, as Dan begins his next batch, he’s stopped dead in his tracks: “Where are my ingredients!?” shouts Dan. Peter the inventory manager claims he hasn’t seen them, “…but hey, maybe Penny has the order somewhere…” Dan turns to Penny: “Oh. Shhh…..” muttered a sheepish Penny. Turns out poor, overworked Penny forgot to order the malt.

Just like that, production comes to a screeching halt. Out of people to blame (and patience), Dan voices his frustrations with Bill, the distillery owner. Dan claims he couldn’t do his job relying on sub-par accounting and purchasing tools.

The Distillery Problem Explained

The Brewery ProblemAfter listening to Dan vent, Bill does his own research and meets up with Bruno sometime later to share his findings. Bill explained that “The problem” wasn’t an isolated issue with any one person or department. “The problem” was actually a distillery-wide issue. An inability to connect the dots between the spreadsheets, bookkeeping software, web apps, proprietary knowledge and hand-written notes was causing delays and frustrations across EVERY department.

The Benefits of Distillery SoftwareOBeer Purchasing Process

All-in-one distillery management software

Bill then went on to explain the benefits of an all-in-one system. With OrchestratedSPIRITS, the purchasing process Dan relies on would be tied to automated distillery accounting and real-time distillery inventory, which means Penny would be notified ahead of time when it’s time to order more ingredients.