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Mobile Modules

Overview: Mobile modules extend OSpirits distillery software functionality to a mobile device

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Mobile-Sales-CRMThe OrchestratedSPIRITS Mobile Sales & CRM Module extends OSpirits Sales & CRM activities to a mobile device.


Web Modules

Overview: Web Modules extend OSpirits distillery software functionality to a web browser

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Web Module - light

The Customer Web Portal extends OSpirits to the web and delivers the information your customers want, the way they want and when they want to see it.


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Advanced Modules

Overview: Advanced Modules add functionality to existing out-of-the-box features

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OBeer-Advanced-AnalyticsThe Orchestrated™SPIRITS Advanced Business Analytics Module has the functionality to provide enterprise level reporting capabilities.


OBeer Multi-Location-ProductionThe Orchestrated™SPIRITS Multi-Location Production Module has the functionality to segregate production locations in the same company database. By defining separate locations for production storage tanks and warehouses, this enhancement module allows you to create production orders that are specific to the storage tanks and warehouses of each production location.

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